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At U2Them, our mission statement is "To be the complete online marketing solution for business." Our job is to find out your goals and why you need us. Then we match our array of online presence and marketing solutions to help you achieve your current and future goals. We ensure your success thru monitoring, analysis, and making sure you have a significant return on your investment of our services.

SEO Online Services

This is U2Them’s main wheelhouse. We help you get found on the internet by increasing your internet presence. There are two ways of increasing your online presence: organic and inorganic marketing. Our SEO/web services help build your organic internet presence. Our job is to help your business gain "authority" in your industry based upon common search terms. U2Them is the best local SEO company for search engine optimization, digital marketing services and organic marketing.
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Digital Marketing Services

Facebook ads, promoted ads, retargeting, Google pay per click, YouTube ads, Instagram, banner ads, online directory ads, Amazon Prime, Bing ads. How do you best spend your online marketing dollars? U2Them takes a pragmatic approach. First we analyze your industry and target demographics. Then we do keyword and competitive searches to determine your maximum market reach with minimal acquisition costs. Then we do test advertising, fine tuning the market, methodology, and keyword placement. We monitor every click and view making needed adjustments. Once a marketing acquisition cost is achieved, we then will help with your budget and placement. Our digital marketing services should be combined with U2Them’s campaign management.
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Campaign Management Services

U2Them can help with your campaign management. Once your goals are established, we help determine the proper media methodology mix to achieve your campaign goals. There is no magic ad, magic email, or magic pay per click keyword. U2Them will help design, test, implement, monitor, refine, and report to help ensure your maximum success rate and return on investment.
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Reputation Management Services

This is a specialty area that U2Them has unique capability and success. We utilize special tools to monitor every review of your business on every platform (there are over forty). We are able to address and minimize any bad reviews, and expand and capitalize on good reviews. We also help increase your social media following and give you the tools to easily solicit new positive reviews! It is statistically proven that new clients rely on consumer reviews more than any other form of information or research when making a buying decision. U2Them management services will help make sure you maintain a four or five star reputation!
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Technical Services

Our technical services include website design, existing website optimization, website hosting, website maintenance as well as updates, backup, cloud storage, email hosting, calling and tracking phone numbers, texting communications, and even mobile app programming, U2Them can help you achieve your online and marketing goals.
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Our Pricing Packages

Ready to connect with your customers?


99 /month

$95 Setup

SEO services to help build your online presence in search engines and directories with monthly reporting.

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199 /month

$195 Setup

For the growing business. All standard features plus analytics, web tools, social media and more

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399 /month

$395 Setup

Time to grow! All pro features plus weekly monitoring and reports and more! Best return on investment.

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The 'WORKS' New Business Startup Package

Provides everything that you need to do to get started in creating your online presence for your business. We start with a SEO optimized, mobile ready website design then move on to social media presence and advertising to test the market and announce your business.
We have the tools needed to help new clients find you online.

What's Included

  • Strategy Kick-Off Session
  • Domain Research / Acquisition
  • SEO Website Enhancement
  • Webmaster Tool Implementation
  • Website Off-site Backups
  • Full NAP Placement
  • Facebook Account Setup
  • Instagram Account Setup
  • Youtube Channel Setup
  • 2 Facebook Ads
  • 2 Instagram Ads
  • Press Release
  • Social Media Strategy Review
  • Extensive Client Questionaire
  • Multi-page Responsive Website
  • Google Analytics
  • Website Hosting and Updates
  • Email - up to 10 Email Addresses
  • Google My Business Setup
  • LinkedIn Account Setup
  • Marketing Phone Number Setup
  • 2 Twitter Ads
  • $400 Ad Spend
  • Monitoring and Reports of Ads
  • Marketing Strategy Plan
What Does It Cost?

The Works Package is $3,600
Monthly Cost: $399 + Additional Adspend.
We will finance your Works Package over six months at no additional cost to you! This makes your monthly cost for the first six months only $999.
This includes $399 for the regular monthly plan, the monthly Works payment of $600, and $400 of initial advertising, giving your online presence an incredible start.