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Windows Azure is Microsoft's cloud-based application platform for developing, managing, and hosting applications off-site. Azure consists of several components: the cloud operating system itself; SQL Azure, which provides database services in the cloud; and .NET services. Azure runs on computers that are physically located in Microsoft data centers. Below are some reasons to consider using U2Them and Windows Azure as your cloud hosting platform.

Scalability and Flexibility
Using Azure, you can easily create applications that run reliably and scale from 10 to 10 thousand or even 10 million users — without any additional coding. Azure Storage provides scalable, secure, performance-efficient storage services in the cloud.

Cost Benefits and Pricing Models
Taking advantage of resources in the cloud allows you to decrease your costs for building and expanding your on-premises resources. You can also reduce the cost of IT administration because the hardware is being taken care of for you, off-premises. The cost of creating, testing, debugging, and distributing web-based applications goes down because you pay only for the computer processing time and storage space you need at a given time.

Support Resources
Because U2Them has a relationship with Azure, you can take advantage of the well-established support structure within Microsoft and company-provided resources, along with the huge ecosystem of Windows developers outside the company. There will always be someone to turn to when you have questions or problems.

Knowing that security is one of the biggest concerns for companies considering a move to cloud hosting, U2Them implements Azure with security in mind. It is quite common for us to build databases that are 100% encrypted, and our website designs are built with security in mind to ward off todays common threats.

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