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Bing Optimization Still Matters

MSN search was Microsoft’s original search engine launched in 1989. They continued to expand and improve their search engine and incorporated it into their Windows Live search in 2006. In 2009, Microsoft and Yahoo! signed a ten-year deal to replace the Yahoo! search engine that had fallen behind to Google with the branding “Powered by Bing”. Today, while Google gets approximately 64% of all searches, Bing comes in 2nd with 32%. That means that your online presence strategy needs to include Bing or be left out of 1/3 of online searches.

Your U2Them team understands how to optimize Bing’s separated search products for Web pages, health, local, maps, shopping, etc. and will utilize Bing’s webmaster tools to make sure your website content is included in their indexes for the Bing search engine.

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