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Call Tracking

Call tracking for small business

Have you ever wanted to know which ads or marketing campaigns work and which do not? Have you ever wanted to hear how your customer service or sales team handles your incoming calls?

U2Them includes one call tracking phone number with the professional plan and three numbers with the premier plan. These are numbers with your area code that can be used in coupons, ads, and social media postings. Each phone number is automatically transferred over to your office, but is also tracked and recorded and made available on your dashboard. You can add numbers to use for different campaigns, Yellow Page advertising, print advertising, billboard, Groupons, and more. Our call tracking numbers can also be SMS enabled allowing you to receive and send SMS text messages.

On your U2Them dashboard you can see exactly how many times a specific campaign made your phone ring, and then be able to listen to how your team handled the call. U2Them helps you manage your business with the ultimate training and tracking tool.
call tracking

Toll-free, local, and international numbers

Our database of virtual numbers gives you the ability to create a local presence or establish a global one.

SMS enabled call tracking

Use a call tracking number to send text messages from a long code so you can respond to an inquiry via text and track via Google Analytics.

Robust analytics to track your spending

Our analytics reports provide you with a holistic view of your advertising performance that can be linked to Google Analytics. Share call detail reports with others without granting them full account access.

Custom notifications routed to your email or mobile device

Create custom alerts that will notify you immediately. Or, build your own customized call tracking application with our API that enable users to provision 1000’s of numbers with instant reporting.

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