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NAP Duplicate Suppression

What is NAP Local Listing Duplicate Suppression?

NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone number. Your company name and information may be in hundreds of local listings on the internet and we make sure that all listings are the same and correct.

Resolving duplicate local listings is a key aspects of improving your SEO ranking. It impacts your total online presence and is the key to geomarketing, which is when somebody is near your location and looking for services that your business offers.

All of our service packages include daily duplicate suppression.

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NAP Duplicate Suppression
U2Them can assist in fixing your NAP local duplicate listings that matter most for SEO and aggregate accuracy.
In Moz's words, "Duplicate local listings are not always your fault! While some local business owners may intentionally create more than one listing for a physical location because they mistakenly believe it will help their rankings, very often, duplicates may arise out of automated activity on the part of search engines or directories. But, regardless of how duplicate listings are created, it is always a best practice to try to get them removed."