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At U2Them, we know that there are six steps to helping make sure YOUR company succeeds with its web presence. 


Web technology is constantly changing and it’s important to have your website utilizing the most current responsive templates (fancy term for being fluid visually on different size screens).  Most searches today are via mobile phones.  We make certain that your website has a fresh, updated, secure, mobile-friendly look and feel that works on all mobile phones, tablets, and desktops! 

Get Found

Once we modernize your website, we go through and make sure that all your SEO (Search Engine Optimization – the stuff that gets you found) is optimized.   There is a great deal more involved today with the search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) than just making sure your website pages are ‘meta-tagged’ (old fashioned methodology of naming web pages) which is what so many of our competitors do.  We actively update and adjust your SEO content monthly! 

Be Consistent

There are over 60 directories out there that have your company information.  We monitor and correct ALL of them every month to make sure your name, address, phone numbers, emails, and website URL’s are accurate.   Variations can cost you search status! 

Get Out There

Like search engines, social media platforms are constantly changing their rules to get you found.  We make certain you have updated, and correct Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other profiles set up for your company.  (If you don’t have them, we create them for you!) 

Track, Report, and Improve

This is the critical part.  Most web companies spend time on your account the first thirty days and then forget about you except to collect your money!  At U2Them, we implement full analytics and state-of-the-art rank monitoring that tells us exactly how your site and presence rank in your area.  We then make the changes every month that continue to improve and keep your search dominance.  

Get Recommended

Verified, good reviews are the key to business.  So many companies offer ‘fake’ reviews that hurt your business.  We make certain that you have the platform through your web presence, website, and social media to get REAL reviews from your clients and patients.   

Specialty Services:


U2Them knows Chiropractic! We utilize and customize our 6-step process to its fullest to make certain your chiropractic office has a dominating presence in your market.

Regenerative Medicine

U2Them has worked with Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine clinics for the last several years. We understand the need to educate, qualify, and schedule a consultations for your prospect.

Adventure Tourism

U2Them can help your Adventure Sports Rentals and Tourism business bring in prospects and get found in your market! We utilize and customize our 6-step process to its fullest to make sure your business can succeed.

Additional Services:

Web Hosting

Fully updated, secure, fast, backed-up servers for your business.   Every month there are numerous updates to hosting servers, web templates, databases, and plug-ins (the add-ons that make your website fancy).  We handle these for you. 

E-Commerce Stores

E-Commerce sites no longer have to cost tens of thousands of dollars. Working with Woo Commerce and Shopify, we can help you bring your business inventory and services online fast and cost effectively.  You are missing a lot of business if you are not allowing online purchases for your patients and clients.


Full-service email hosting with web access, POP3, and IMAP (technical terms for how you access your email). 

New Business Startup

We offer the ‘Works’ for you.   We make certain that you have everything you need to launch your internet presence from Day 1!   

Ad Management Services

You may have heard the terms PPC (Pay-per-click) and SEM (Search engine marketing) (promotion of your website through paid-for services).   U2Them will help create an ad and management budget to promote your website and presence on the internet utilizing PPC, SEM, and other social media promotional methods, which will drive prospects to your site with a call to action. 

Our Guarantee:

If you are not pleased with our services, give us 30-days’ notice and we will help you switch providers at no additional cost.   Your website design and template are yours to keep. We retain our clients through success and our ongoing 6-Step formula.  

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