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Adventure Sports Rentals and Tourism
U2Them can help your Adventure Sports Rentals and Tourism business bring in prospects and get found in your market! We utilize and customize our 6-step process to its fullest to make sure your business can succeed in this highly competitive industry.


We will make certain that your website has a very fresh, updated look and feel that works across all types of phones, tablets, and computers.   We will work with you to get good, updated photographs of your building, front desk, and treatment rooms that will be used not only on your website, but also in social media and Google Business listings. 

Be Consistent

You probably have 5 or 6 different listings of your business name, old phone numbers, different addresses, etc.   These hurt you terribly with the new ‘points’ system and rules that the search engines have implemented.  We correct these MONTHLY to make certain that every listing out there is the same and current. 

Get Recommended

This is probably one of the most overlooked, but important, aspects in your industry to be successful online.    You want to have hundreds of current 4-5-star reviews expressing confidence in your team, service, quality, and enjoyment factor!    If there is a choice in picking a service or activity, reviews MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!   We help you generate these reviews from YOUR client base, not fake reviews that end up hurting your presence because they are illegal and obviously fake. 

Scheduling and E-Commerce Software Links

Our U2Them team is used to working with outside schedulers and e-commerce stores.   We will assist in linking your outside lead generation sites with your web and online presence to maximize bookings!  Making your business swag available for purchase online can help you generate additional revenue.      

Get Found

We are going to supercharge your presence by following ALL the rules that Google and Bing implement.  While YAHOO still has market share, Google owns most of the internet search action and we want to make sure that when somebody types in key words for your market, whether that’s Jeep/UTV rentals, white water rafting, overlanding camping trips, etc., that they find YOU!    We will combine your web presence along with PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising for more generic searches like “things to do in (your area)” and “vacation activities in (your area)”, to make certain that you show up high in the returned search options.      

Get Out There

Having an active social media presence is beneficial for your business and provides a platform for your customers to engage you and share their excitement after an adventure.  Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter all have new rules and ways to optimize your business presence. We will make certain that you have an up-to-date presence on your social media platforms.  We will also remind you to do weekly posts and will help teach your staff how to do effective posts that lead to likes and followers.   

Track, Report & Improve

This is critical to monitor how you rank in both local and industry standings.  We look at this every month and implement the needed changes to keep improving your presence!   Besides showing up in your immediate market area, we will also work on improving your placement in that neighboring town or city!  If you have the reviews and the right presence, that new client might just make the extra drive to have a great time with YOUR business. 


We will do a FREE web and ranking analysis on your current site and then schedule an initial consultation with you to create a success plan for your internet presence.  NO OBLIGATION.

Professional Option:

In-depth website review and consultation 

Modernize existing website 

Implement search engine optimization 

Correct all Google, Bing, Yahoo listings 

Local directory review and update 

Review, update, create social media presence 

Review online reputation and make changes 

Implement review links on website 

Implement Google Analytics and tracking 

Implement internet presence reporting 

Review and optimize monthly 

E-Commerce store implementation 

Booking site integration 

Monthly strategy meeting 

Additional Services:

U2Them can provide additional services and create a customized monthly plan for your business including PPC advertising, hosting, email, landing pages, prospect tracking and more depending on your needs.  

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