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Otis and a Match Will Increase Your Sales

Otis and a Match Will Increase Your Sales Steve Williams
By: Steve Williams
Monday, August 7, 2017
Sales / Networking
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Otis and a Match Will Increase Your Sales

I’m going to take some of you back. Otis is a famous elevator company founded in 1853, and the match is something that was replaced by the Bic lighter that we used to strike and light candles and politically incorrect cigarettes.

Why are these important? Because back when guys like me used to sell person to person, it was the most effective method you had to sell your product. It’s called the Elevator speech and it should take place in the time you are riding the elevator in your office to go up a few floors.

The other night I was at happy hour and heard the question that is asked around the world every day: “What do you do?” I heard people stumble, blow it off, answer badly, and rarely tell how their company and product/service could benefit that person.

In 1986 I was one of the top Epson and IBM PC sales people in the country. Why? Because when asked what I do, I answered quickly, succinctly, and always the same… “I work at a computer store. We represent the new IBM Desktop PC’s coupled with Epson dot-matrix printers and we help companies save time and increase productivity through automation. Here’s my card, if you would like to know how automation can help your business, give me a call.”

That one sentence, coupled with the fact that I loved happy hour and golf courses, landed me national government accounts along with the top two utility companies as clients.

So here is your tip of the year: Write down what you do in a script: “I work for [Company] located in [where you work]; We/I Sell [Product/Service]. It helps a company [the benefit of what your product/service does for them]. If that would ever be of assistance to you, please give me a call.”

Practice it, own it! Now light a match and do it. (Oh yeah, Otis and a Match.) A match lasts about the same time as an elevator ride. When you can light the match, give your “elevator” speech, and blow out the match without burning your finger, I guarantee you will increase your sales this year. Challenge all your team to do the same and then go back and check your social media posts and other advertising and see if it answers the same basic questions. You might be surprised at what you find.

Steve Williams, Chairman, MASC, LLC. MASC is a communication app that protects your phone number. It allows you to call and text from unlimited phone numbers on your smart phone.

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