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sample backlink building schedule

Backlink building basics for 2020

Remember back in high school when you were not cool and popular unless other people said that you were? But the other person giving the recommendation had to be cool and popular as well, or the recommendation did not work. Backlink building relies on the same principle.


I know, it’s a horrible system, but it worked and still does. The world of SEO (search engine optimization) and backlinking is the same in this analogy. A backlink from a less quality website (not a cool and popular person) counted but was not near as powerful as a backlink from a quality high ranked website (a cool and popular person). You can look at it this way; it would take 10,000 of the lower backlinks to equal just one of the quality backlinks. Sure, you can use those multitudes of low-quality backlinks, and we quite often do. But we strive for the few very high-quality backlinks as the crème de la crème to raise our websites in the search results.

Quite often, a small business will spend thousands and thousands of dollars on designing a great looking website, business cards, etc, but fail to contract services to SEO optimize and market their website. Backlink building SHOULD be the most important ongoing process after the website is optimized in every way possible.  So, it can be stated that a small business SHOULD have a budget for ongoing monthly SEO.

You are now asking; how does a new website begin the backlinking process and develop a plan for continued quality backlink building month after month?

We start with the low hanging fruit, so they say. Backlinks from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Yelp, and the local directories (about 70 or so of them). These are often on your profile(s) and are easy to create and maintain.

After that, the job of backlink building become much harder as much time is needed to find industry related blogs and websites that are willing to link out to your website.

sample backlink building schedule
Sample backlink building schedule

Backlink Building Specialist

Enter the SEO Specialist who spends countless hours a day doing just that, as well as building and indexing articles, press releases and other relevant content in an effort to not only generate inbound traffic to your website, but also to build up the quality backlinks to your website that will stay in existence as long as possible.

Here at U2Them we have custom implemented programs that work on your backlink profiles on a daily schedule.

We spend about 1-2 hours a day on each client; building backlinks, checking rankings, adjusting, and repeating. We track the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority(PA) of every clients website daily to track minor movements and trends. For every new client, we do intensive keyword research to determine how the client can capitalize on trends as well as capture market share their local market.

While it’s a shameless pitch, please contact us at U2Them to review your current SEO optimization and backlink profile to determine if we can make you one of the cool and popular kids in the park!


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